How Does Reflective Foil Insulation Work?

How Does Reflective Foil Insulation Work?

What Is Foil Insulation? Foil Insulation or reflective foil insulation generally refers to products comprising of one or more substrates with a reflective foil backing one or both sides. The reflective facing is usually a very thin layer of reflective aluminium foil,...
Advantages Of Low-E Insulation

Advantages Of Low-E Insulation

See why Low-E is fast becoming the preferred brand of foil insulation for builder, designers, manufacturers and homes owner around the world. Contents Technical Support R&D, Testing and Production How Its Made Superior Performance Low-E -v- ‘Multi’ Foil Aluminium...
Go Green with Low-E Eco Friendly Insulation

Go Green with Low-E Eco Friendly Insulation

Low-E UK LTD worked with C-Tech Innovation to track the Carbon Footprint of Low-E insulation from raw materials through production and distribution. The unique design of Low-E eco friendly insulation and the fact that no glues, adhesives, or solvents are used during...

How Does Low-E Work?

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