Low-E Seam Tape

Low-E Seam Tape is our original reflective insulation tape product with superior adhesion and reinforced scrim for achieving a lasting hold across seams.

Low-E Seam Tape

Low-E Seam Tape is super strong comes on a roll 75mm wide and 45 meters long. Once applied to our Insulation using a squeegee the Seam Tape becomes barely visible.

Browse Some Applications

Low-E Reflective Insulation can be used in virtually any application where environmental control is required.

Loft Insulation

Quick, clean and easy to install pitched roof insulation for maximum performance.

Pitched Roof Insulation

Reduce the thickness for your roof, install time and even the need for secondary insulation by using either Low-E EZY Seal Insulation or Low-E PERF on any pitched roof.
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