Floor Insulation

Low-E floor insulation can be used to upgrade any type of floor where there is no insulation in place. It occupies less space than alternatives and it is quick, clean and easy to install.

Loft Insulation Conversion

Solid Floor Insulation

Low-E solid floor insulation is super thin and especially useful for older property installations.
Pitched Roof Insulation Finished

Under Floor Insulation

Low-E under floor insulation is engineered to transmit heat more evenly across the floor.
Flat Roof Insulation Conversion

Laminate Floor Insulation

Low-E laminate floor insulation will stop unwanted draughts and make your floor feel more comfortable for years to come.
Loft Insulation Conversion

Suspended Floor Insulation

Low-E suspended floor insulation is ideal for use under suspended ground floors, whether insulated or not.

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