Micro-E Insulation

Micro-E Insulation provides a thermal break while our pure aluminium facings reflect up to 97% of radiant heat. Micro-E can be used in all aspects of construction and regularly utilized in offsite construction and modular building but is particularly well utilized, due to its flexibility, in tents, yurts, sleeping bags, curtains, roman blinds and much more. Micro-E™ can easily be stapled, stitched, nailed or glued.

Micro-E Insulation VCL-E Insulation VCL

Micro-E Insulation VCL has trimmed edges and can be butted together if taped both sides, or overlapped by 75mm and taped one side, in order to maintain a complete Vapour Control Layer.

VCLs – Is a Vapour Control Layer (VCL). Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR) > 2000 MNs/g.

Micro-E Insulation PERF™

PERF is perforated using our patented process. The perforations are designed to allow moisture to pass through the product without compromising the thermal properties of the material while also limiting air movement. Micro-E PERF is recommended where breathability is part of the design requirements.

PERF™ – Is a Breathable Membrane. Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR) <0.25MNs/g.

Browse Some Applications

Low-E Reflective Insulation can be used in virtually any application where environmental control is required.

Loft Insulation

Quick, clean and easy to install pitched roof insulation for maximum performance.

Pitched Roof Insulation

Reduce the thickness for your roof, install time and even the need for secondary insulation by using either Low-E EZY Seal Insulation or Low-E PERF on any pitched roof.