How to convert and insulate a Shipping Container

Shipping container conversions are on the rise with a range of applications from garden rooms, creative workspaces, cafes and bars to name a few. One of the more popular applications today is the reimagining of office space, as many businesses make the move from city centres to more rural locations. Read on for 8 reasons you should consider converting a shipping container into your new, unique office space.

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Getting a container to your chosen location is much quicker and more cost effective than building something from the ground up. Finding used containers online is easy enough and as we have already mentioned, transporting them is no problem. The cost of fitting out a container will largely depend on your needs and the nature of your business. Some things to consider are plumbing, electricity, furniture, equipment etc, however there are plenty of companies that specialise in container conversions and will cater to your specific needs.

The running costs of a shipping container are generally low, if the unit is properly insulated then heating it wont require much more than a small electric heater of a winter and using a high quality reflective insulation in your unit will help to keep it cool in the height of summer. The real savings are generally those made where rent is concerned. The costs of renting office space in city centres can be astronomical and not all companies need to be central. Many companies may be better suited to rural areas, maybe your local farmer has a little spot overlooking their fields they may be happy to take a small fee for you to set up shop on their land!


    Another great reason to get away from the city is access. Most central office blocks wont benefit from private car parks and the costs of parking in the city during the week tend to be high. Not only this, but the traffic on the commute is also usually chaotic and requires factoring traffic jams into the time it will take you to get in to work. Having office space outside of the city centre will allow a much more relaxing start to the day as your commute is eased.


      Nowadays many companies have a large portion of the workforce operating from home however this can make it difficult to maintain regular contact and can have negative effects on productivity. However, having enough space for everyone at city centre rates is costly and the impact of COVID has led to reduced public contact becoming a necessity for business. Avoiding the hustle and bustle of the daily commute and having your own private space to operate can improve moral and staff safety.


        Like I said, shipping containers are tough! A shipping container generally lasts 25 years being transported all over the world and exposed to a range of weather conditions, so you are guaranteed a good life span on your new office block. Many companies also choose to add cladding to their container as this further weatherproofs and improves the office aesthetics.


        This is the exciting part! Designing a bespoke office space means it is unique to your business and perfectly meets your specific requirements. The interior and exterior can be designed to represent you and your workforce and will become part of your company image. If you have meetings with clients they are guaranteed to remember you if the meeting takes place in a space designed with your business in mind. Strengthen your brand by creating a space unique to you.

        Resale value

        Even after your container has been fitted out it is still easily transported. Owning the office space and having the option to move it easily gives you the option of re-sale in the future. Your office becomes an asset to your business!


        It’s true that most commercial office blocks will have strong security systems in place, however most rural spaces have significantly less footfall and crime is much lower than in the city. Also, shipping containers are tough and built to be secure!

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