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Low-E Window Mat Insulation is the perfect solution for keeping you comfy inside your camper van, caravan or motorhome. No airborne fibres to worry about, indoor air quality approved, Class 1 Fire rated and won’t absorb moisture, Low-E is the perfect material for insulated window mats.

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Installing Window Mat Insulation

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Installing Window Mat Insulation

Low-E Window Mat Insulation is easy to cut and quick to install. Blocking out 100% of unwanted light and reflecting heat to keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter, Low-E allows you to get a great night’s sleep!

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How to Make Insulated Window Mats

Low-E Window Mat Insulation is ideal for use in campervans and motorhomes but work just as well in cars and vans. Quick and easy to cut, Low-E won’t absorb moisture and reflects 97% radiant heat. Warmer in winter and cooler in summer, your new window mats will block out unwanted light and reduce condensation risk and draughts allowing you to stay cosy and get a great nights’ sleep.

Simply follow the steps below to make your own bespoke Low-E Insulated Window Mats.

Please take the usual precautions when using scissors or a blade. When marking the insulation, be sure not to use a sharp pen that could damage the insulation. Check all measurements and markings before making any cuts. If unsure, cut your mats slightly large. You can always cut a little extra off afterwards, but you can’t add extra back on.

Step 1: Measure the Insulation Against the Windows
Place the Low-E insulation against either the inside or outside of the window and mark the height and width of the window onto the insulation with a marker pen.

Measure theInsulation against the windows

Step 2: Cut the Insulation

Cut the insulation to your measurements. We suggest using something with a straight edge as a guide when cutting the insulation. Once cut, hold the insulation back up against the window to make sure it fits correctly.

Cut the Insulation

Step 3: Round the Corners
You can use scissors to round the corners of your window mats for a neater finish. Only a small piece needs removing to round the corners.

Round the corners

Step 4: Cut Holes for Suction Cups
Repeat the above process for all your windows. Once you have all the mats cut, mark a placement in all four corners for each of the suckers (in a minimum of 70mm from the edges). Cut a small piece from the insulation at each of the marked points (approx.. 10mm x 10mm).

Cut Holes for Suction Cups

Step 5: Fit the Suction Cups
Place the male part of the grommets through each hole and fit the suction cups to the female part, securing on the opposite side of the insulation.

Fit the Suction Cups

Step 6: Repeat for All Windows
Use care when taking down your window mats. If the insulation is forced or pulled the suction cups can pull through and tear the insulation. To remove, gently fold the insulation back from the corner and remove the suckers from the window with your finger.

Repeat for All Windows