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DIY Insulation

Insulation for a wide variety DIY insulation requirements. Meets and performs against the highest of standards, saves energy and money.

Low-E DIY Insulation Best Use Cases

Camper Van Insulation

Low-E camper van insulation is lightweight, thin and extremely efficient in saving space in  your camper van.

Garage Door Insulation

Low-E garage door insulation increases R-value, reflects 97% solar gain and offers moisture protection.

Radiator Shield Insulation

Low-E radiator shield insulation stops the heat transfer that’s lost into your walls and reflects the heat back into your home.

Car Insulation

Low-E car insulation moulds easily into awkward shapes, has no fibres, and will not absorb moisture.

Window Mat Insulation

Low-E window mat insulation is the perfect solution to keep you comfy inside your vehicles. 

Boat Insulation

Low-E boat Insulation is indoor air quality approved and has no layers or airborne fibres to worry about. 

Pipe Wrap Insulation

Low-E pipe wrap insulation reduces the risk of pipes freezing and bursting. It is quick clean and easy to install.

Pet Pad Insulation

Low-E pet pad insulation will keep your best friend warm and happy when temperatures drops outside.

Sheds and Garden Room Insulation

Low-E shed insulation is the most cost-effective way to insulate or convert your shed or garden room.

Water Tank Insulation

Low-E water tank insulation increases thermal efficiency in water tanks and reduces energy consumption.

Beehive Insulation

Low-E beehive insulation is perfect for keeping the hive warmer in winter and colder in summer.