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Pet Pad Insulation

Insulate your best friend from cold and damp. Pet Pad is mould and fungi resistant; it won’t absorb moisture or spills and can be wiped clean if required. It is easy to cut to size for any pet bed, house, crate, or carrier. Pet Pad insulation will keep your best friend warm and happy even when the temperature drops outside.

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Installing Pet Pad Insulation

How to Insulate a Pet Bed

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Installing Pet Pad Insulation

 If your pet is older or suffers from arthritis, those aches and pains in their joints can be very painful and distressing. Pet Pad Insulates and provides a great thermal and moisture barrier against the cold. Making your best friend more comfortable and giving you peace of mind. Pet Pad’s moisture barrier also makes cleaning up easy and keeps liquid (and smells) from those little accidents from soaking into carpets and flooring. Simply remove Pet Pad from the bed, house, crate or carrier wipe it clean and its ready to go.

Loft Roofing Insulation

How to Insulate a Pet Bed

It can be easy to overlook the cold of laminated or tiled floors from the comfort of our sofas and beds during the colder months, but for our pets it can be uncomfortable and potentially detrimental to their health.

There are plenty of ways to insulate a pet bed, crate, kennel, box or carry bag but the materials can often be hard to cut and heavy. Most of the time they are absorbent, hard to clean and can become smelly over time.

Loft Roofing Insulation
Step 1: Roll Out the Low-E
Roll out your sheet of Ultra-E on a smooth, clean surface.

Roll out pet pad insulation

Step 2: Align Your Pet Bed
Sit your pet bed on top of the insulation and line it up as near two edges as possible in order to use as little material as you can.

Align Your Pet Bed insulation

Step 3: Mark Out Your Pet Bed
Using a marker pen, trace the outline of your pet bed onto the Low-E.

Mark out Your Pet Bed insulation

Step 4: Cut Out Your Pet Pad
If you are planning to sit your Pet Pad on the ground beneath your pet bed then using scissors or a sharp blade, carefully cut along the line you have made. Alternatively, if you wish to put the Pet Pad inside your pet bed then cut just inside the line you have made with the marker.

Which option you take is really up to you, they are both equally effective!

cut out Your Pet Bed insulation

Step 5: Fit Your Pet Pad
If you are taking the first of the above options then you can now place your Pet Pad on the floor and sit your pet bed on top of it.

Fit Your Pet Bed insulation

If you would rather sit your Pet Pad inside the bed then remove the internal cushion and try to sit your Pet Pad flat in the bed. It may be slightly too large at this point.

Fit Your Pet Bed insulation inside

Step 6: Trim the Edge of Your Pet Pad
If your Pet Pad is a little too large to fit inside the pet bed then carefully trim a little more from around the full edge. Try to keep the amount you remove even all the way around.

Trim Your Pet Bed insulation

Step 7: Re-Fit Your Pet Pad
Once you have removed just enough excess from the edges of your Pet Pad it should fit comfortably inside your pet bed.

Re-Fit Your Pet Bed insulation

Step 8: Make Use of Any Left Over Material
Depending on the size of your pet bed you may have left over material, you could even have enough to do another pet bed if you have more than one pet or perhaps more than one bed for the same pet.

make use of left over material

Step 9: Finishing Off
That’s it, as simple as that! Your pet can now sleep comfortably without the cold of the floor causing a chill or a build up of moisture in their beds.

Finished insulated pet pad

Download this as a PDF

Step-by-step Guide

Download PDF