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Container Conversion Insulation

Making the most of the internal space is of paramount importance when converting confined spaces such as shipping containers. Arguably the most important thing to do when converting a shipping container is to deal with the risk of interstitial condensation. Low-E Insulation reduces the risk of interstitial condensation while increasing thermal performance in less occupied space.

Stops Draughts

Increases Efficiency

Occupies Less Space

Mould and Fungi Resistant

Indoor Air Quality Approved

Creating a low ‘E’ space in a confined container is the easiest and most efficient way to boost the performance. Reducing condensation in a shipping container home is essential for the longevity of the structure, if water starts to collect the metal will rust over time. Low-E Insulation can reduce this risk while also reducing the wall thickness adding valuable inches of floor space.

“Mark was able to help us with the design and to adequately addressed the condensation risk. That was our biggest concern, but the Local Authority were very happy with what we were doing. The Low-E Insulation was extremely easy to install.”

– Matt P, Gloucestershire, UK