Low-E Insulation – Warranty Information

Low-E Reflective Insulation products are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for 10 years.

Blisters or bubbles in product surface will not affect performance. Product thickness for products with foil on both sides may vary +/- l0%. Other products may vary +/- 20%.

Occasionally there may be imperfections in product that may affect appearance but not performance. In the event this is encountered, the following solutions are advised;

  1. If there is core showing on one side, either tape the seam on that side when installed or install product with the core side facing in.
  2. If there is an edge that is de-laminated, either tape the seam on that side when installed or install product with de-laminated edge in.
  3. If there are areas that have a de-lamination that cannot be installed without correcting this defect, the following may be done with an iron: Set the iron to half to three quarters of the temperature setting. Make a small slit with a razor knife in the centre of the de-lamination and carefully, with light pressure, iron the foil towards the slit, allowing trapped air to escape. When finished, cover the slit with a small piece of Low-E® Seam tape.

The following criteria may be considered a defect;

  1. 25mm wide or more of foil de-lamination on the edges for more than 4.5m of the roll.
  2. More than 25mm of core showing on 6m or more of a roll.
  3. Large areas (more than 1 square foot) of de-laminated foil.

In no circumstance does a warranty cover any labour, postage or associated costs and no claim can be made over the value of the item purchased.

If you have a fault contact customer service with details of the fault, so we can open a case. The more information you provide on the fault, the quicker we will be able to assist in resolving your query.

Unfortunately, merely stating that a product is ‘faulty’ is not sufficient for us to be able to act swiftly. This will delay us in providing a solution for you. Please email us initially with your name, item number, date of purchase, payment method and contact telephone number, along with details of the fault or damage. It is most beneficial to us if you can submit photographic evidence with your email of the fault/damage. This enables our customer support team to locate the best solution as quickly as possible.

International customers. We guarantee all goods as above but we do not cover postage costs for replacement parts to be sent outside the UK.