Low-E Reflective Insulation products are made from a recycled closed cell foam core and insulation grade pure aluminium facings, ensuring they will not crack, peel or delaminate the way Mylar and ‘shiny’ plastics do. Manufactured using a patented process that eliminates the use of glues and adhesives, Low-E Insulation achieves a unique Class A/Class 1 Fire rating. Products are available in a number of format variations. From foil on one side or two sides, foam only or foil only and even breathable or self-adhesive versions.

Low-E® Insulation

Low-E® is our original reflective foil insulation and only 5.5mm thick. Low-E acts not only as a superior air infiltration barrier, reducing draughts and uncontrolled air movement, but it also increases thermal performance by blocking up to 97% of radiant heat.

Micro-E Insulation

Micro-E™ Insulation is our thinnest ever reflective insulation. Still made using our unique recycled closed cell foam core and pure aluminium facing but at only 3mm thick Micro-E™ is extremely lightweight and easy to handle.

Ultra-E Insulation

Ultra-E™ Insulation is the thickest version of our reflective insulation. Made using our unique recycled closed cell foam core and pure aluminium facing but it is produced 11mm thick.

SlabShield Insulation

SlabShield™ Insulation was designed specifically for use under concrete slabs, where floors heights are restricted. It is lightweight and cuts easily with a utility knife and is only 11mm thick.  SlabShield™ moulds itself to the contours of the subfloor to provide a better and stronger finished screed.

Low-E Seam Tape

Low-E® Seam Tape is super strong comes on a roll 75mm wide and 45 meters long. Once applied to our Insulation using a squeegee the Seam Tape becomes barely visible.