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Water Tank Insulation

Traditional insulation materials do little to block radiating heat from water tanks. Low-E is different. Made of 99.4% pure aluminium, Low-E Insulation reflects 97% of radiant heat. Save as much as 20% with our quick and easy to install Water Tank Insulation.

Keeps Water Hot For Longer

Reduces Energy Bills

Easy to Install

Won't Absorb Moisture

Mould and Rot Proof

Benefits of Low-e Water Tank Insulation

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Installing Water Tank Insulation

Simple to cut and easy to fit, Low-E Insulation will increase the thermal efficiency of your water tank, reduces energy consumption and lowers your bills.


Water Tank Insulation Stockists

Water Tank Insulation for Professionals

Helping water tank owners fully insulate their water tanks with the highest quality insulation materials. Our water tank insulation can be found at the following stockists:

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J Cochran, Genesis, UK

“I’ve used low e for the past 15 months. I’ve found it to work fantastic is all conditions. I’ve probably got 20 vans with it fitted and I’ve had no complaints from any of my customers about being cold. Some of the vans are used for skiing holidays in places that are -20C and more.”

Alex E, Lancashire, UK

“Our customers are delighted with the rooms. We are now offering Low-E Insulation as an update in ALL our sheds, summer rooms and log cabins.”

Kate E, London, UK

“I found Pet Pad online and thought it was a fantastic idea. I’ve put them in all the kennels and pens my doggie hotel. A few of my customers saw them and asked about them so now I’ve started selling them too. Everyone loves them, especially the pooches!”

Helen B, Ireland

“We used Low-E Insulation to insulate outdoor water tanks. We used to lose a lot of water through evaporation in the summer months. It is made a huge difference. We have now insulated of hot water tanks indoors, and we have noticed our energy bills have gone down too. I’d definitely recommend Low-E Insulation.”

P Philip, Macclesfield, UK

“I bought the Low-E Insulation from eBay on a recommendation from a friend. It arrived very promptly and was very easy to cut and installing. I’m delighted! It’s certainly made a difference. I can feel that the kitchen gets warmer much quicker on the cold winter mornings.”

Andrea P, Dublin, Ireland

“The insulation came in a very easy to handle strip. It was easy to install and I haven’t had any problems since it was installed.”