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Tents, Yurts and Marquees Insulation

Micro-E Insulation is the preferred choice for manufacturers all over the world. Used by manufacturers for military, humanitarian aid, weddings, festivals and safaris. You can see tents, yurts and marquees insulated with our insulation at festivals and campsites all over the world including Coachella, The Isle of Wight and Glastonbury.

Mould and Fungi Resistant

Stops Draughts

Class 1 Fire Rating

Won't Absorb Moisture

Bird and Insect Resistant

Micro-E Insulation is insect and bird resistant, easy to cut, can be taped together and even run through a sewing machine. It is made from recycled material and has a unique Class 1 Fire Rating and Passed ASTM D6413 and BS EN 5915 fire testing standards specifically for use in tents.

“We make tents for a lot of different applications and we have to meet very strict standards. Micro-E Insulation is Fire Rated for use in tents, flexible, lightweight and easy to work with. We can run it straight through our sewing machines.”

– Grant H, Yorkshire, UK