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Suspended Floor Insulation

Old suspended floors may be look beautiful but, due to their design, are often very cold and the source of a huge amount of energy loss and draughts in your home. Low-E Insulation is the easy to fit solution that will allow you to maintain the beauty of your original floors.

Stops Draughts

Reduces Condensation Risk

No Layer, No Dragging on Screws

Occupies Less Space

Quick and Easy to Install


Low-E Insulation is ideal for use under suspended ground floors, whether insulated or not. Installing Low-E Insulation PREF will stop draughts coming up through the floor, reflect heat back into the room to create a warmer room, while still allowing you to maintain ventilation and breathability below the floor. 

“Customers love the look of old floors, but they hate the draughts and cold that comes through them. Low-E is great. It’s easy to fit and flexible enough to install in the crawl space, best of all there’s no fibres to worry about. My customers are delighted with the results too.”

– T Burnes, Liverpool, UK