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Suspended Ceiling Insulation

Low-E Insulation is lightweight and quick to install reducing un-controlled air movement, energy costs and making your room warmer. Low-E Insulation TAB is pre-cut to width to fit between ceiling tiles making it quick and easy to install.

Reduces Heating and Cooling Costs

Reduces Condensation Risk

Mould and Fungi Resistant

Comes in 600mm Roll

Quick and Easy to Install

With no fibres and no itching, Low-E Insulation is ideal for use in health sensitive applications like offices, schools, and hospitals. Low-E Insulation TAB can be unrolled and pulled along a full length of ceiling, or alternatively it can be cut into squares and fixed to the back of ceiling tiles.

“We have estimated that install Low-E on the back of our ceiling titles has given us energy savings of between 10-25%. It has certainly made the office a lot more comfortable.”

– Nicola B, Dublin, Ireland