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Pod Insulation

Low-E is insect and bird resistant and does not promote the growth of mould or fungi. Our pure aluminium surface reflects 97% of radiant heat, keeping Pods cool in summer and very easy to heat in winter. 

Stops Draughts

Stops Solar Gain

Increase Thermal Performance

Occupies Little Space

Mould and Fungi Resistant

No matter how much traditional insulation you put in the walls or roof of a Pod it simply won’t stop the build-up of heat during summer months. Low-E Insulation reflects 97% of solar gain and is the most efficient material you can use in a Pod. Low-E will not absorb moisture and it stops draughts and uncontrolled air movement.

“Are Pods are installed along the coast and up in the mountains. We tried using a few different insulation products, but Low-E has been by far the best. We’ve no issues with moisture, corrosion or nesting. There’s no draught in the Pods are they’re easy to heat.”

– Thomas E, Ireland