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Pipe Wrap Insulation

Un-insulated pipe work can freeze and burst, costing an untold amount to repair. Using Low-E pipe wrap Insulation to insulate water pipes reduces the risk of pipes freezing and bursting. It is quick clean and easy to install.

Reduces Risk of Freezing

Won't Absorb Moisture

Easy to Install

Mould and Rot Proof

Insect and Bird Resistant

When temperatures go below freezing un-insulated cold-water pipes can freeze and burst costing you £100’s to repair. While condensing pipes from your boiler can freeze up and cause your boiler to shut down. Low-E Insulation is quick and easy to install increasing the efficiency and appearance of pipework.

“The insulation came in a very easy to handle strip. It was easy to install and I haven’t had any problems since it was installed.”

– Andrea P, Dublin, Ireland