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Outdoor Enclosure Insulation

Ensure your equipment stays dry and protected from extreme weather conditions. Low-E Insulation is used to insulate enclosures housing valuable equipment all over the world, from deserts in the middle east, to weather stations in the arctic circle.

Provides Thermal Protection

Occupies Little Space

Reflects 97% of Radiant Heat

Won't Absorb Moisture

Lightweight and Safe to Handle

Low-E is easy to cut to any shape or size and is used to line all kinds of enclosures. Low-E reduces the risk of condensation and ensures enclosures are easier to keep temperature controlled. Low-E Insulation is only 5.5mm thick, it will not take up valuable space inside the enclosure. It is self-rigid and is crush resistant to 72 PSI. Low-E will not absorb moisture, rot or corrode. It is non-toxic and safe to handle.

“We need to keep the enclosures cool in the Dubai sun while our equipment it is not running. The enclosures that we install the Low-E into have been up and running for a while now and are all performing well. We’ve had no complaints. We are now installing more of them in Mozambique and Hong Kong.”

– Alan P, W Yorkshire, UK