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Low-E Insulation is extremely quick and easy to install on light gauge steel framing. Low-E increases overall performance and reduce wall thickness. You will achieve better results and reduce labour cost with Low-E Insulation on your metal stud framing.

Quick and Easy to Install

Save Space

No Layer, No Dragging on Screws

Reduces Condensation Risk

Stops Draughts

Benefits of Low-e Metal Studding Insulation

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Installing Metal Studding Insulation

Low-E does not just save you time and money when installing. The large compact rolls mean there is a lot less material to transport and handle on site. The thin profile means shorter screws and cheaper ancillary costs. Low-E Insulation stops draughts, deadens sound, and increases thermal performance in less space than traditional materials.


Metal Studding Insulation Stockists

Metal Studding Insulation for Professionals

Helping home owners fully insulate their metal studded homes with the highest quality insulation materials. Our metal studding insulation can be found at the following stockists:

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G Taylor, Bolton, UK

“We had a serious problem with damp and mould. Not only did Low-E eliminate the problem but the room is easily to heat too. It was far more noticeable than the cavity wall insulation that caused the problem with the mould”

Wendy R, Stockport, UK

“The Low-E was quick clean and easy to install. It occupied about 1” of space, so the room feels the same size as it was. It used to be too cold to sit in, now it’s easy to heat. I’m over the moon.”

Gerry D, Sunset Building, Luton, UK

“We are managing to meet U-value requirements in smaller studs. Customers love that we can save some floor space and our fitters love that is quick and clean to install.”

G Stone, Stroud, UK

“We use both the vapour and the breathable versions of Low-E Insulation. We’ve tried using other foil insulation products, but they can be time-consuming and difficult to install. Low-E is so easy to work with, we just wouldn’t use anything else.”