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For those in-the-know, low emissivity ceilings form an integral part of an Ice Rink’s design. Low-E® Insulation is the original low emissivity insulation. It reflects harmful solar radiation away from the ice and reduces chiller run times. Allowing more skaters to skate for longer periods of time, with less deterioration.

Reflects 97% Solar Gain

Reducers Chiller Running Time

Maintains Better Quality Ice

Reduces Condensation Risk

Quick and Easy to Install

Benefits of Low-e Ice Rink Insulation

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Installing Ice Rink Insulation

As you would guess from its name, Low-E Insulation is ideal when designing low emissivity ice rink ceilings. Our closed cell foam reduces the chance of condensation and insures no chance of moisture absorption. Low-E Insulation reduces heat transfer above an ice rink, giving you a better-quality ice that will stay colder for longer. It will be your first and last choice for compliance with these specialist ceiling requirements.


Ice Rink Insulation Stockists

Ice Rink Insulation for Professionals

Helping ice rink owners fully insulate their properties with the highest quality insulation materials. Our ice rink insulation can be found at the following stockists:

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Thomas E, Ireland

“Are Pods are installed along the coast and up in the mountains. We tried using a few different insulation products, but Low-E has been by far the best. We’ve no issues with moisture, corrosion or nesting. There’s no draught in the Pods are they’re easy to heat.”

Matt P, Gloucestershire, UK

“Mark was able to help us with the design and to adequately addressed the condensation risk. That was our biggest concern, but the Local Authority were very happy with what we were doing. The Low-E Insulation was extremely easy to install.”

Nathan W, Northampton, UK

“The install was a lot easier than we thought it would be. I think we are going to be one of the few manufacturers that have adequately addressed the condensation risk. Local Authority seem extremely happy too.”

P Halton, Kildare, Ireland

“Some of our buildings are small. Using Low-E Insulation allows us to keep the wall profiles very narrow and maximise the internal floor space. We’re delighted with it.”

June S, Oxfordshire, UK

“When the M3 Fleet Services burnt down in 2016 and a temporary structure was needed and needed quickly. We used Low-E Insulation throughout the roof of 30,000 sq ft building. It was extremely quick as easy to work with. We had it sewn together and covered it with a dropped fabric ceiling.”

C Philip, R&B Restaurants, UK

“Installing the Low-E Insulation has made a massive difference. The air-con doesn’t run for nearly as long as it used to and more importantly, we don’t get condensation forming on the ducting, or dipping on our guests.”

Nicola B, Dublin, Ireland

“We have estimated that install Low-E on the back of our ceiling titles has given us energy savings of between 10-25%. It has certainly made the office a lot more comfortable.”

K Ward, Boston Gymnastics, UK

“Insulating our warehouse has made such a difference, from walking into the building we can now have it up to working temperature in approximately 20 minutes. It has been much better for the gymnasts during the winter months this year, no need to wear their bobble hats and gloves.”

C Clark, www.hotyogasupply.com

“Designing a yoga studio is a lot more complex than a normal building. Studios need to come up to temperature quickly and deal with very high levels of moisture. Insulation is the most important part of the design. We have over seen the designed and construction of dozens of Hot Yoga Studios and we always […]

Daniel N, Blackpool, UK

“We’ve installed Low-E on the walls and roof. It’s made a huge difference. The chillers are running a lot less and our energy consumption is around 20% lower than expected. The ice is in better condition too. We’re getting more people out for longer periods of time”

Michael F, Ireland

“We’ve installed the Low-E Insulation throughout our dairy sheds and since then our production is up. It’s hard to know for certain but I believe it is down to the cooler temperatures in the sheds. Happy cows and all of that stuff!”

Dave W, Walmart Distribution Centre

“It made a huge difference to the distribution centre. It’s so much easier to keep temperature controlled now and the lighting consumption has been reduced by about 20%.”