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Garage Door Insulation

Want to eliminate draughts through your garage door? Low-E Garage door insulation increases R-value, reflects 97% solar gain, stops draughts, and offers moisture protection. It is the quickest and easiest way to insulate and finish off any garage door.

Stops Draughts

Reflects Heat


Wipes Clean

Only Weighs 150g per m²

Garage Door insulated with DIY kit

Make the most of your garage by adding Low-E Insulation to your overhead garage door. Low-E can be simply cut with scissors or utility knife, this makes it one of the best ways to insulate a garage door. It provides moisture control and eliminates draughts which can account for over 50% of heat loss. It is non-fibrous, lightweight and can be fitted by anyone. Low-E is extremely lightweight so spring adjustments should not be needed to support additional weight. Once installed, you can still use your garage door and garage door remote control just like you did before.

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How to Install Garage Door Insulation 

Whether you want to reduce heating costs in your home or make good use of your garage space, properly installing the right type of insulation is key to it’s effectiveness.

Applying an additional Layers – Its only worth using an extra layer of Low-E Insulation if you also have an airspace beside the foil surface. There is not great benefit in doubling up the insulation. To learn more about how airspaces work visit our blog page.

Carefully follow each of the steps below and you will soon have a well-insulated garage door and improve the comfort in your home. Take care when using sharp blades and always refer to manufactures guidelines.

Step 1

Clean the Garage Door

Clean down the garage door with a damp cloth to remove any dust that may have settled. Pay extra attention to removing dust from the struts of the garage door as these will be the main contact points for adhesion and any dust will keep the tape from holding.

Step 2

Apply Double Sided Tape to the Struts

Apply double sided tape to the struts of the garage door making sure to cover the whole frame. At this point, don’t remove the paper baking on the exposed face of the tape.

Step 3

Apply Pressure to Seal

Using your hand or a plastic squeegee, apply pressure to the double sided tape all the way around the frame to make sure it is securely fix.

Step 4

Peal off the Paper

Remove the protective paper to expose the sticky face of the tape.

Step 5

Secure the Insulation

Carefully roll the insulation out and apply pressure to secure it to the double sided tape.

Step 6

Cut Out for Hinges

Cut out the insulation where the door moves on its hinges to allow it to open and close.

Step 7

Trim the Edges and Seal the Joints

Trim any excess insulation that may be overhanging and close any joints with aluminium tape.

“It was so quick and easy to install and I can’t believe the difference it has made. I wish we’d done it years ago. Thanks again.”

– M Joyce, Dublin, Ireland

Download this step by step guide as a PDF