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Storage Bags & Box Insulation

Thermally insulated and climate-controlled bags are not just for storing food. Whether it is documents, photographs, computer equipment, medical supplies, even works of art our Micro-E Insulation is ideal the production storage bags and boxes.

Provides Moisture Protection

Made From Recycled Materials

Reflects 97% Radiant Heat

Class 1 Fire Rated

Crush Resistant (72PSI)

Benefits of Low-e Storage Bags & Box Insulation

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Installing Storage Bags & Box Insulation

Micro-E Insulation is compact, lightweight, and very flexible. You can cut tape glue and even sew it together. It is Class 1 fire rated, hypoallergenic and resistant to mould, fungi and rot. Making it the perfect solution for any storage application you might have. 


Storage Bags & Box Insulation Stockists

Storage Bags & Box Insulation for Professionals

Helping storage bags & box owners fully insulate their food storage items with the highest quality insulation materials. Our storage bags & box insulation can be found at the following stockists:

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G Richards, VA, USA

“The Spas heat up much quicker with the Low-E installed and we’ve also noticed a drop in energy consumption while they’re running. It’s a great product. We are now including it as part of the patented design of our tubs”

P Baker, Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland

“Installing the blind on a single glazed unit resulted in a reduction in heat loss of 54% across the window. That’s just as good as double glazing”

Brian W, Dublin, Ireland

“We’ve installed Low-E Insulated strip curtains in a number of McDonalds and Burger King restaurants, as well as a number of off-licences and supermarkets chains. All our customers have been extremely happy with the product. There is no ‘bagging’ in the bottom of the curtains, and they last much longer than the previous product we […]

D Davidson, Edinburgh, Scotland

“Ours is a very specialist application for storing some very expensive items. We have been looking for something just like Low-E Insulation for many years. We didn’t think it existed but I’m very glad we found it. It’s fantastic!”

Alan P, W Yorkshire, UK

“We need to keep the enclosures cool in the Dubai sun while our equipment it is not running. The enclosures that we install the Low-E into have been up and running for a while now and are all performing well. We’ve had no complaints. We are now installing more of them in Mozambique and Hong […]

Grant H, Yorkshire, UK

“We make tents for a lot of different applications and we have to meet very strict standards. Micro-E Insulation is Fire Rated for use in tents, flexible, lightweight and easy to work with. We can run it straight through our sewing machines.”

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Low-E Reflective Insulation can be used in virtually any application where environmental control is required.