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Agricultural Building Insulation

Low-E reflective insulation is used in a wide range of agricultural buildings from dairy farms to fisheries, and chicken sheds to Stables. Low-E Insulation reflects 97% of radiant heat, keeping buildings much cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Reflects 97% Solar Gain

Reduces Condensation Risk

Bird and Mice Resistant

Wipes Clean

Quick and Easy to Install

Low-E Insulation is the perfect, easy-to-fit product. It’s non-toxic, safe to handle, has no fibres and does not ‘off’ gases. It’s perfect for use in all out buildings including provision and feed stores. Low-E will not absorb moisture and can even be wiped clean if required.

Only Weighs 150g per m


“We’ve installed the Low-E Insulation throughout our dairy sheds and since then our production is up. It’s hard to know for certain but I believe it is down to the cooler temperatures in the sheds. Happy cows and all of that stuff!”

– Michael F, Ireland