Why Choose Low-E Insulation?

Low-E is fast becoming the preferred brand of foil insulation for builders, designers, manufacturers and homes owner around the world.

Our Company

Low-E Reflective Insulation is a well-established, driven and innovative company. Producing a line of environmentally safe products since 1989, we have produced and installed well over 1 billion sq ft of material. Our patented Low-E Insulation is now sold in over 30 countries around the world and is fast becoming the world’s favourite brand reflective insulation.

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Technical Support

Our team have a wealth of experience in all aspects of construction and manufacturing and we offer our customers a full in-house technical support service. Our team have a wealth of knowledge with regard to insulation systems, moisture control, condensation risk analysis and Part L. We work very closely with Local Authority Build Control (LABC) on a national level to ensure we stay up to date with the most current regulations and standards.

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R&D, Testing and Production

We do not compromise on quality. Our Patented Insulation is only manufactured in the USA, UK and EU. We test our products to the highest standard. At present we have carried out all required testing to meet and comply with UK and European standard for foil insulation EN 16012. We also carry LABC (Local Authority Building Control) approval in the UK.

How it’s Made

Low-E Insulation is manufactured using a patented production method that eliminates the use of glues, adhesives and solvents. Our recycled, non-toxic, closed cell foam core is heat bonded to our 99.4% Pure Insulation Grade Aluminium. Not alone is the process patented but so is the product itself.

Superior Performance

Architects and designers love specifying Low-E Insulation to maximise the designed usable space. Low-E is quick clean and easy to install. It has no fibres and is indoor air quality approved

Low-E -v- ‘Multi’ Foil

Foil insulation is a simple idea; use pure aluminium to reflect heat back to the heat source.

So why do so many companies get it wrong?

Aluminium -v- Mylar

Only aluminium has a natural low emissivity value. Mylar, while it does look ‘shiny’ and might be good at reflecting light, does not reflect heat in the same way as aluminium.

Low-E -v- Traditional Insulation

For years people have been convinced that to insulate better, they should add more and more traditional insulation. The thicker the insulation, the better it works! But that doesn’t really solve the problem. Why?

Environmental Benefits

Low-E is manufactured from non-toxic, recycled closed cell polyethene foam. Up to 40% of our foam core is actually manufactured from recycled milk cartons. Not only does reduce the need for refining and processing raw materials, it makes use of a product that is used every day and save it from a landfill. Low-E Insulation has one of the lowest carbon footprints of any insulation material on sale today.

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