Indoor Air Quality

Airborne fibres from some insulation are considered carcinogenic and can seriously damage health.

Low-E® Insulation has no fibres and is In-Door Air Quality Approved.

Does your insulation absorb heat and moisture?

Low-E® Insulation works differently to traditional insulation.

Local Authority Building Control Accepted

EN 16012 Tested and Compliant. 25 years of experience, testing and approvals have kept Low-E® Insulation at the forefront of the industry.

Fire Lab Tested

Low-E® Insulation is Class A/Class 1 Fire Rated and is suitable where other reflective insulation is not.

Our team have a wealth of experience in all aspects of construction and manufacturing and we offer our customers a full in-house technical support service. Our team have a wealth of knowledge with regard to insulation systems, moisture control, condensation risk analysis and Part L. We work very closely with Local Authority Build Control (LABC) on a national level to ensure we stay up to date with the most current regulations and standards.

U-Values and Condensation Risk

If you have a specific application requirement, need assistance with U-value calculations (BS EN ISO 6946), or Condensation Risk Analysis (BS EN ISO 13788), our technical team are fully trained to help.

New Build and Refurbishment Guide

Our construction install guide for New Build and Refurbishment work contains numerous systems incorporating Low-E in roof, wall and floor applications. All systems in our guide that carry the LABC logo have been reviewed and approved by LABC to show compliance with building regulations 2006, 2010, 2014, U-value calculations (BS EN ISO 6946) and Condensation Risk Analysis (BS EN ISO 13788).

Site Visits

Our team is available on the phone or by email and can carry out site visits when required. They can advise on the best method for installing Low-E in all aspects of manufacturing and construction. Our sales team are also available for site visits to offer hands-on knowledge and expertise when required.

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Construction professionals can register their interest in our Continued Professional Development Program. In 2018 we are starting and program of interactive Webinars for anyone interested in learning more about Low-E Insulation products. If you would like more information or to sign up to this service, please submit an enquiry via email or through our website.

R&D, Production and Testing

We do not compromise on quality. Our Patented Insulation is only manufactured in the USA, UK and EU. We test our products to the highest standard. At present we have carried out all required testing to meet and comply with UK and European standard for foil insulation EN 16012. We also carry LABC (Local Authority Building Control) Approval in the UK.

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