Underfloor Heating

When looking at increasing thermal efficiency of older properties, there is always a compromise between occupying internal space and achieving better U-values. Low-E® Insulation is ideal for all refurbishment projects from IWI (Internal Wall Insulation), to loft conversions and the refurbishment conservatories. Installed with little disruption, Low-E® Insulation is lightweight, quick, clean and very easy to install. Giving you maximum savings by reducing energy bills and carbon emissions while occupying as little as 20mm of internal space.

Underfloor Heating

SlabShield Insulation has been designed specifically for use with underfloor heating systems and where there is restricted head on refurbishment projects. Slabshield is only 11mm thick. It will not crack, break or crumble. It is flexible and lightweight but tough enough to deal with the normal job site activity.

Slab Shield is engineered to not only help prevent heat transfer from ground to slab but also to provide a vapor barrier that protects from excess moisture. It easily moulds to the shape of the subfloor to create a stronger slab. Our Closed Cell foam stops the chemical reaction that happens if foil comes in contact with uncured concrete.

  • Increases Thermal Performance
  • Stops Draughts
  • No Fibres, no itching
  • Occupies less space
  • Won’t absorb moisture

"The Low-E was quick clean and easy to install. It occupied less than 30mm of space, so the room feels the same size. The room used to be too cold to sit in, now it’s easy to heat."

– Wendy R, Stockport

Slab Shield – Under Floor

Slab Shield has an aluminium core with two layers of our closed cell foam as facing materials. The core reflects radiant heat while the closed cell foam protects the aluminium from coming into contact with the uncured concrete. The double layer of closed cell foam also provides an effective thermal break between the warm slab and the cold subfloor.

Slab Shield can be used on New Build, Refurbishment projects where head heights are restricted and even on outdoor radiant heating systems.

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