Roofing Insulation Upgrades

When looking at increasing thermal efficiency of older properties, there is always a compromise between occupying internal space and achieving better U-values. Low-E® Insulation is ideal for all refurbishment projects from IWI (Internal Wall Insulation), to loft conversions and the refurbishment conservatories. Installed with little disruption, Low-E® Insulation is lightweight, quick, clean and very easy to install. Giving you maximum savings by reducing energy bills and carbon emissions while occupying as little as 20mm of internal space.

Roofing Insulation Upgrades

Want to upgrade your roof insulation, but don’t want to lose space in the attic? Low-E® Insulation is super thin and can be installed on attic floors or under rafters. Roof insulation will boost efficiency and U-values, reducing energy bills and carbon emissions.

  • Increases Thermal Performance
  • Stops Draughts
  • No Fibres, no itching
  • Occupies less space
  • Won’t absorb moisture

"The Low-E was quick, clean and easy to install. It occupied less than 30mm of space, so the room feels the same size. The room used to be too cold to sit in, now it’s easy to heat."

– Wendy R, Stockport

Above Ceiling Joists

In this example there is already a layer of traditional insulation installed between the rafters. Low-E® PERF has been installed on the underside of the rafters and there is an option to install an additional second layer of traditional insulation over the top of the joists.

Adding Low-E® PERF in this application will increase thermal performance and reduce draughting in the loft space. Draughting and air leakage can account for up to 40% of heat loss in a building.


Below Rafter

When installing a Mineral Fibre between rafter on a existing roof, it can be difficult to maintain an airspace on both sides of the Low-E® EZY. In this example Low-E® EZY is installed with a full fill of mineral fibre between the rafters, before being counter battened and the finished ceiling is installed. It is important to maintain a sag on the breather membrane after the Mineral Fibre has been installed. A spacer batten may be required below the rafters to facilitate this.

Under Ceiling Joists

In this example, there is already a layer of traditional insulation installed between the ceiling joists before Low-E is fitted below and a new ceiling installed

Adding Low-E® n this application will increase thermal performance and reduce draughting from the loft space to the rooms below.


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