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Loft Insulation

Want to upgrade your roof insulation, but don’t want to lose space in the attic? Low-E Insulation is super thin and can be installed on the attic floor or under the rafters if you want to keep the floor area for storage. Its cost efficient, quick and easy to install with no fibres and no itching.

Reflects 97% of Heat

Deadens Sound

Doesn't Absorb Moisture

Mould, Fungi and Rot Resistant

Quick and Easy to Install

Did you know that the draughts and air movement in loft are constantly drawing heat out of your home? This causes your heating system to run longer and hard that it should have to. Installing Low-E Insulation in your loft will stop draughts, boost efficiency and U-values while also reducing your energy bills and carbon emissions.

“We’re part of the Insta Group and have been installing loft insulation in Manchester for over 10 years. I’ve never come across a product as good as Low-E. It quick clean and easy to use. Our customers are delighted with it. I’ve been so impressed with it that I’ve re-insulated my own loft and stripped out and installed the solid walls in the down stairs bedrooms.”

K Rabin, Manchester, UK 

Below Rafter – Full Fill (Breather Membrane)

When installing a Mineral Fibre between rafters, it can be difficult to maintain an airspace on both sides of the Low-E® Insulation. In this example, Low-E® EZY Seal is installed with a full fill of mineral fibre between the rafters, before being counter battened and the finished ceiling is installed. It is important to maintain a sag on the breather membrane after the Mineral Fibre has been installed. A spacer batten may be required below the rafters to facilitate this.

Below Rafter – Partial Fill (Breather Membrane)

When refurbishing a roof with a breather membrane already in place, you may or may not require a spacer batten to install the secondary insulation while maintaining airspaces. In this example, a Rigid Foam insulation has been installed between the rafters, with Low-E® EZY installed under the rafters, before being counter battened and the finished ceiling is installed.

Below Rafter – Partial Fill (Roofing Felt)

Low-E® EZY can be used for refurbishment or upgrade work. When installing Low-E® EZY below rafter in a roof with no felt or a non-breathable felt, a 50mm ventilated cavity should be maintained between the underside of the roof and any additional insulation. Depending on the existing rafter size, you may need to fit a spacer batten to the underside of the rafter to create enough space for the additional insulation. Low-E® EZY should then be fitted to the underside of the rafters before being counter battened and the finished ceiling installed. This will stop draughting and air leakage which can be the biggest cause of heat loss in refurbished buildings.