Laminate Flooring

When looking at increasing thermal efficiency of older properties, there is always a compromise between occupying internal space and achieving better U-values. Low-E® Insulation is ideal for all refurbishment projects from IWI (Internal Wall Insulation), to loft conversions and the refurbishment conservatories. Installed with little disruption, Low-E® Insulation is lightweight, quick, clean and very easy to install. Giving you maximum savings by reducing energy bills and carbon emissions while occupying as little as 20mm of internal space.

Laminate Floor

Easy and quick to install under any type of engineered or laminate flooring, Low-E® offers an effective vapour barrier and thermal insulation with excellent sound deadening qualities. Low-E® will stop unwanted drafts and make your new laminate floor not only look great but feel more comfortable for years to come.

  • Reduces Heating and Cooling Costs
  • Stops Draughts
  • Reduces Condensation Risk
  • Mould, Fungi Resistant
  • Quick and Easy to Install

"The Low-E was quick clean and easy to install. It occupied less than 30mm of space, so the room feels the same size. The room used to be too cold to sit in, now it’s easy to heat."

– Wendy R, Stockport

Laminate Floors

Non-toxic with no fibres and no itching, there is no irritation to the eyes or skin. Low-E® will not off gases and is indoor air quality tested and approved. Simple to cut the insulation to size and tape the edges together. Low-E will not rot or corrode and has excellent crush resistance.


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