Ground Floors

When looking at increasing thermal efficiency of older properties, there is always a compromise between occupying internal space and achieving better U-values. Low-E® Insulation is ideal for all refurbishment projects from IWI (Internal Wall Insulation), to loft conversions and the refurbishment conservatories. Installed with little disruption, Low-E® Insulation is lightweight, quick, clean and very easy to install. Giving you maximum savings by reducing energy bills and carbon emissions while occupying as little as 20mm of internal space.

Ground Floors

Low-E can be used to upgrade existing ground floors or suspended floors where there is no insulation in place. Installing Low-E will stop draughts coming up through the floor and create a warmer room, while still maintaining ventilation below the floor.

  • Increases Thermal Performance
  • Stops Draughts
  • No Fibres, no itching
  • Occupies less space
  • Won’t absorb moisture

"The Low-E was quick clean and easy to install. It occupied less than 30mm of space, so the room feels the same size. The room used to be too cold to sit in, now it’s easy to heat."

– Wendy R, Stockport

Concrete Ground Floor

Solid floors with no insulation can be very cold and difficult to upgrade. Using Low-E® on top of solid concrete floors can be a very effective way of upgrading a floor without losing much head height in the room.  

In this example, Low-E is installed on a solid ground floor using a double battening system before a new finished floor is installed.

This can also be done using a single battening system.

Suspended Floor – Over Joists

In this example, Low-E® is installed over the top of the joists and has been allowed to sag between the joists to create an airspace. This application can be also be used with suspended radiant heating systems.

Suspended Floor – Below Joists

In this example, Low-E® PERF is installed below suspended floor joists. This increase thermal performance and stops draught coming up through the floor. Low-E® PERF is breathable and will allow moisture to pass through the product