Refurbishment Applications

When looking at increasing thermal efficiency of older properties, there is always a compromise between occupying internal space and achieving better U-values. Low-E® Insulation is ideal for all refurbishment projects from IWI (Internal Wall Insulation), to loft conversions and the refurbishment conservatories. Installed with little disruption, Low-E® Insulation is lightweight, quick, clean and very easy to install. Giving you maximum savings by reducing energy bills and carbon emissions while occupying as little as 20mm of internal space.

Roofing Upgrades

Want to upgrade your loft insulation, but don’t want to lose your storage space? Low-E® Insulation is super thin and can be installed on loft floors or under rafters to boost efficiency and U-values while reducing energy bills and carbon emissions.

Loft Conversion

Is your Loft Conversion too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Make your loft the most comfortable room in your home with Low-E insulation. Non-toxic, indoor air quality approved and Class 1 Fire Rated, Low-E Insulation is quick, clean and easy to install.

Barn Conversion

Restrictions on head height and maintaining the building character are extremely import design objectives when completing a Barn Conversion. Low-E Insulation can achieve both and installed in full exposed and partially exposed roof build ups.

Conservatory Roof

Too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, conservatories can often become the most unusable room in your home. Low-E Insulation can change that and be installed in less than a day. Insect, bird, mould and fungi resistant Low-E will not absorb moisture, it’s virtually rot proof.

Solid Wall IWI

Low-E® Insulation is the perfect material when internally insulating on solid walls, also known as IWI. With various application solutions, Low-E® Insulation is ideal for the refurbishment of older properties when looking at increasing thermal efficiency while occupying minimal internal floor space.

Underfloor Heating

SlabShield Insulation has been designed specifically for use with underfloor heating systems and where there is restricted head on refurbishment projects. Slabshield is only 11mm thick. It will not crack, break or crumble. It is flexible and lightweight but tough enough to deal with the normal job site activity.

Laminate Floors

Easy and quick to install under any type of engineered or laminate flooring, Low-E® offers an effective vapour barrier and thermal insulation with excellent sound deadening qualities. Low-E® will stop unwanted drafts and make your new laminate floor not only look great but more comfortable for years to come.

Ground Floors

Low-E can be used to upgrade existing ground floors or suspended floors where there is no insulation in place. Installing Low-E will stop draughts coming up through the floor and create a warmer room, while still maintaining ventilation below the floor.