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Laminate Flooring

Easy and quick to install under any type of engineered or laminate flooring, Micro-E Insulation offers an effective vapour barrier and thermal insulation with excellent sound deadening qualities. Micro-E Insulation will stop unwanted draughts and make your new laminate floor not only look great but feel more comfortable for years to come.

Reduces Heating and Cooling Costs

Stops Draughts

Reduces Condensation Risk

Mould and Fungi Resistant

Quick and Easy to Install

Quick and easy to install our Micro-E Insulation has a crush resistance of 72 PSI. Our unique closed cell foam will not absorb moisture ensure and will act as a complete vapour barrier across the floor greatly reducing the risk on rising damp damaging your floor.

“Our business is installing laminate and solid floors we and use Low-E Insulation and Micro-E Insulation under all of them. Its robust, quick clean and easy to use. You can feel your body heating being reflected while you install it.”

– B Taylor, Dublin, Ireland

Intermediate Floor – Over Joist

Low-E® can be used to upgrade Intermediate or suspended floors and reduce the depth of joists. In this example, Low-E has been installed over the top of the joists and allowed to sag between the joists to create an airspace. Installing Low-E in this application can stop draughts coming up through the floor and create a warmer room while still allowing ventilation to be maintained below the floor.

This is also suitable for use with suspended radiant heating systems.