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Intermediate Floors

“An innovative solution for modern buildings”

It is unrealistic to expect a single product to address all of the problems posed by modern buildings. However, by using Low-E® Insulation as part of a combination system you can meet high R-value requirements, address vapor control and stop drafting and air leakage into and out of your building. Low-E® Insulation can be used alongside traditional insulations to increase thermal performance and reduce life-cycle running costs, by tackling issues which have been previously unaddressed by bulkier insulation products.

Intermediate Floors

You’ve heard of Low E glass? Make Low- E® Insulation part of your next project and see why it’s fast becoming the world’s favourite brand of Reflective Insulation. Installing Low-E above or below an intermediate floor is a very effective method for reducing draughts and creating a warmer room while still maintaining ventilation and moisture control below the floor


  • Quicker and easier to Install
  • Occupies less space
  • No layer, no dragging on screws
  • Reduces condensation risk
  • Stops draughts

"We use both the vapour and the breathable versions of Low-E Insulation. We’ve tried using other foil insulation products, but they can be time-consuming and difficult to install. Low-E is so easy to work with we just wouldn’t use anything else."


Intermediate Floor – Over Joist

Low-E® can be used to upgrade Intermediate or suspended floors and reduce the depth of joists. In this example, Low-E has been installed over the top of the joists and allowed to sag between the joists to create an airspace. Installing Low-E in this application can stop draughts coming up through the floor and create a warmer room while still allowing ventilation to be maintained below the floor.

This is also suitable for use with suspended radiant heating systems.

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