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"An innovative solution for modern buildings"

It's unrealistic to expect a single product to address all the problems posed by modern buildings. However, by using Low-E® Insulation as part of a combination system you can meet high R-value requirements, address condensation risk and air leakage. Low-E® Insulation increases thermal performance and reduces life-cycle running costs, by tackling issues which have been previously unaddressed by bulkier insulation products.

Make Low- E® Insulation part of your next project and see why Low- E® is fast becoming the world’s favourite brand of Reflective Insulation.

Flat Roof

You’ve heard of Low E glass? Make Low- E® Insulation part of your next project and see why it’s fast becoming the world’s favourite brand of Reflective Insulation. Whether ventilated or a warm deck, Low-E can reduce roof thickness, thermal bridging, condensation risk. Quick and easy to Install Low-E Insulation can be installed above or below ceiling joists. 

  • Quicker and easier to Install
  • Occupies less space
  • No layer, no dragging on screws
  • Reduces condensation risk
  • Stops draughts

"We use both the vapour and the breathable versions of Low-E Insulation. We’ve tried using other foil insulation products, but they can be time-consuming and difficult to install. Low-E is so easy to work with we just wouldn’t use anything else."


Flat Roof – Partial Fill

Flat roofs are designed with ventilated air spaces below the timber deck. These ventilated air spaces are necessary for the structure, but often create draughts within the building. Installing Low-E® EZY below the roof can reduce the amount of insulation required between the joists and stops draughting within the building itself. This example shows Low-E® EZY installed with a rigid foam between the joists before the finished ceiling is installed.

Flat Roof – Full Fill

When installing a Mineral Fibre between joists, it is not very easy to maintain air spaces on both sides of Low-E®. In this example, Low-E® has been installed with a full fill of Mineral Fibre between the joists and Low-E® EZY installed below the joists before being counter battened, and the finished ceiling is installed.

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