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Cavity Walls

Installing Low-E Insulation will increase the thermal performance of your cavity wall without occupying lots of precious internal floor space. Low-E will also provide you with a Vapour Control Layer to stop damp penetrating your internal walls. 

Quick and Easy to Install

Occupies Less Space

No Layer, No Dragging on Screws

Reduces Condensation Risk

Stops Draughts

Low-E Insulation is quick and easy to install on cavity walls in both domestic and commercial buildings. It reflects heat, stops damp, and reduces draughts, giving you a warm more efficient wall that occupies less space. 

“We had a serious problem with damp and mould. Not only did Low-E eliminate the problem but the room is easily to heat too. It was far more noticeable than the cavity wall insulation that caused the problem with the mould”

– G Taylor, Bolton, UK

Masonry Wall – Partial Fill

Low-E® Insulation can be installed on masonry walls to reduce occupied space and increase thermal performance.

Installing Low-E® EZ Seal with a single or double battening system can give you the increase in performance, without losing considerable internal floor space.


Masonary Wall – Full Fill

In this example, the internal wall has been battened to create an airspace, before Low-E® EZY Seal is fitted and counter battened to create a service void before the internal wall is finished.