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Strip Curtains and Door Insulation

Low-E Insulation will not absorb moisture, bunch or sag in the bottom of doors and strip curtains. It will not delaminate and split or come apart like other products. Low-E Insulation is hypo-allergenic, mould and fungi resistant.

Lightweight and Flexible

Won't Sag

Won't Absorb Moisture

Mould and Fungi Resistant

Crush Resistant to 72PSI

Low-E Insulation is used to manufacture a wide range of insulated doors and strip curtains that have been installed in in fridges and freezers of supermarkets, fast-food restaurants and retail units all over Europe. With a payback of less than 18 months, you could save over £200 per year by installing these amazing strip curtains

“We’ve installed Low-E Insulated strip curtains in a number of McDonalds and Burger King restaurants, as well as a number of off-licences and supermarkets chains. All our customers have been extremely happy with the product. There is no ‘bagging’ in the bottom of the curtains, and they last much longer than the previous product we supplied.”

– Brian W, Dublin, Ireland