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Sheds and Garden Room Insulation

Garden sheds are rarely used for storing tools anymore. They are often used as studios, offices and workshops but they tend to be very limited on space, very draughty and cold. Low-E is the most cost-effective way to insulate or convert your shed or garden room to and office, studio and man cave. 

Increases Efficiency

Stops Draughts

Reduces Thermal Bridging

Occupies Less Space

Provides Moisture Protection

Now you too can create a dry, easy to heat space for that studio or craft/ hobby room you have always wanted. Incorporating Low-E Insulation in the design or retrofit of a garden shed can really transform it into a usable, warm and cosy space. Low-E Insulation stops draughts, increases thermal performance, provides moisture protection and deadens sound in one easy-to-install product. 

“Our customers are delighted with the rooms. We are now offering Low-E Insulation as an update in ALL our sheds, summer rooms and log cabins.”

– Alex E, Lancashire, UK