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Storage Bags & Box Insulation

Thermally insulated and climate-controlled bags are not just for storing food. Whether it is documents, photographs, computer equipment, medical supplies, even works of art our Micro-E Insulation is ideal the production storage bags and boxes.

Provides Moisture Protection

Made From Recycled Materials

Reflects 97% Radiant Heat

Class 1 Fire Rated

Crush Resistant (72PSI)

Micro-E Insulation is compact, lightweight, and very flexible. You can cut tape glue and even sew it together. It is Class 1 fire rated, hypoallergenic and resistant to mould, fungi and rot. Making it the perfect solution for any storage application you might have. 

“Ours is a very specialist application for storing some very expensive items. We have been looking for something just like Low-E Insulation for many years. We didn’t think it existed but I’m very glad we found it. It’s fantastic!”

– D Davidson, Edinburgh, Scotland