"The perfect solution for hundreds of manufacturers all over the world"

Low-E Insulation is extremely efficient and versatile, making it the perfect solution for hundreds of manufacturers all over the world. It’s compact, lightweight and extremely flexible, allowing it to be used where other insulations simply can’t perform. The pure aluminium surfaces reflect 97% of heat and help achieve the Class 1 Fire Rating (BS 476), while the closed cell foam core provides a thermal break and reduces sounds transmission. Low-E is virtually rot-proof, it won’t absorb moisture, it doesn’t ‘off’ harmful gases and with no airborne fibres to worry about, Low-E® Insulation is indoor air quality tested and approved, making it ideal for any OEM company.

Park Homes

Easy to install internally or externally, Low-E® Insulation is perfect for use in the design or refurbishment of Park Homes. Reduce thermal bridging, condensation risk and uncontrolled air movement in one easy to install product.

Modular Buildings

Modular buildings suffer greatly from air draughts and the air movement. Low-E® works as a complete air infiltration and vapour barrier while reducing thermal bridging and boosting overall thermal performance.

Container Conversions

Making the most of the internal space is of paramount importance when converting confined spaces.  Low-E Insulation reduces occupied space and the risk of condensation which increasing thermal performance.


Low-E® Insulation is insect and bird resistant and does not promote the growth of mould or fungi. Our pure aluminum surface reflects 97% of radiant heat keeping Pods cool in summer and very easy to heat in winter.

Sheds/Garden Rooms

Low-E® Insulation eliminates draughts is quick to install. Making it the most cost-effective way to insulate or convert your shed or garden room. Now you too can create a dry easy to heat space for that studio or craft/ hobby room you’ve always wanted.

Tents and Yurts

Our PERF products are breathable, super flexible, lightweight and mould/fungi resistant. Low-E is ideal for use in tents and yurts and is used by manufacturers for festivals organisers, military and humanitarian aid companies all over the world.


Utilised by the world’s leading manufacturers to line engine bays, headliners, doors and much more. Low-E® Insulation reflects heat, deadens sound, has a Class 1 Fire Rating and is used in everything from Caravans and Motorhomes to forklifts and NASCAR racer cars.

Refrigerated Vehicles

Low-E can hold negative temperatures for longer than traditional insulations because it reflects radiant heat and solar gain. This reduces the running time of chillers. Saving power, fuel and reducing CO2  emissions.


Low-E reflects 97% of radiant heat, it won’t absorb, reduces the risk of condensation and has a Class 1 Fire Rating. Low-E is ideal for lining hulls, engine compartment and is even used in refurbishing closets and storage rooms.

Outdoor Enclosures

Low-E is easy to cut to any shape or size and is used to line all kinds of outdoor enclosures. Low-E reduces the risk of condensation and ensures enclosures are easier to keep temperature controlled.

Hot Tubs/Saunas/Steam Rooms

Low-E reflects 97% of heat and it won’t absorb moisture, rot or corrode. Making it perfect for reducing heat loss and the running costs of Hot Tubs, Jacuzzis, Saunas and Steam Rooms.

Strip Curtains/Doors

Low-E Insulation is hypo-allergenic and mould and fungi resistant. It won’t absorb moisture bunch and sag in the bottom of doors and strip curtains. It won’t delaminate and split or come apart like other products.


Used by manufacturers of high end curtains and blinds, Micro-E Insulation is super flexible, and easy to cut but tough enough to run though sewing machines.  These blinds have been tested at Glasgow University and can be just as effective as secondary glazing.

Food Storage Bags

Low-E is non-toxic, safe to handle and has no fibres, so it won’t absorb moisture. It reflects 97% of heat making it excellent for food storage bags and even can coolers.