In-Door Air Quality

Airborne fibres from some insulation are considered carcinogenic and can seriously damage health.

Low-E® Insulation has no fibres and is In-Door Air Quality Approved.

Does your insulation absorb heat and moisture?

Low-E® Insulation works differently to traditional insulation.

Local Authority Building Control Accepted

EN 16012 Tested and Compliant. 25 years of experience, testing and approvals have kept Low-E® Insulation at the forefront of the industry.

Fire Lab Tested

Low-E® Insulation is Class A/Class 1 Fire Rated and is suitable where other reflective insulation is not.

This is Low-E® Reflective Foil Insulation.

It’s reflective because it’s aluminium. Only aluminium has an emissivity value of 0.03 and reflects 97% radiant heat

Ice Rinks


For those in-the-know, low emissivity ceilings form an integral part of an Ice Rink’s design. Low-E® Insulation has the lowest emissivity value of any aluminium insulation and reflects harmful solar radiation away from the Ice, to keep it cold and efficient for as long as possible.
Reducing heat transfer and controlling chiller temperatures is made easier with Low-E® Insulation above an ice sheet, giving you a better quality ice sheet ie colder for longer. Allowing more skaters to use the ice for longer periods of time, with less deterioration.
Please contact us for details of your nearest approved installer.

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