DIY Applications

"It is non-toxic and completely safe to handle"

Low-E® Reflective Insulation has passed IAQ CA01350 for Indoor Air Quality. It doesn’t ‘off’ harmful gases, has no V.O.C’s or itchy airborne fibers to worry about. Low-E® is a patented product combining a unique Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam Core (not bubble wrap material) with pure aluminum facings (not metalized plastic or mylar). It is non-toxic and completely safe to handle. With an Emissivity value of 0.03, Low-E® Insulation DIY Kits provide superior performance and reflect 97% of Radiant Heat.

Camper Vans

Low-E® Insulation is the best insulation material on the market for insulating your campervan or motorhome. Low-E® Insulation DIY Camper Van Kits Stop Heat, Deaden Sound and Won’t Absorb Moisture.

Car Insulation

Low-E® Insulation is ideal for insulating bulkheads, engine bays, under carpet and headliner. Low-E reduces engine noise, road vibration and heat transfer while also providing moisture protection. Protect your investment!

Window Mats

Made from our state of the art insulation and supplied complete with grommets and suckers this Low-E® Insulation DIY Window Mat Kit allows you to custom cut insulated window mats to your exact window size for maximum performance.

Garage Doors

Want to eliminate draughts through your garage door? Low-E® increases R-value, reflects 97% solar gain, stops draughts and offers moisture protection. It’s is the quickest and easiest way to finish off any garage door.

Boat Insulation

Used in the production and refurbishment of boats, yachts and barges, Low-E® won’t absorb moisture, rot corrode or delaminate. It is ideal for insulating floors, walls, bulkheads and engine bays and even lining closets.

Duct Wrap

Using Low-E® to insulate air conditioning ducts in offices bars and restaurants will reduce the risk of condensation forming on duct work and dipping floors, desks, staff and in the worse situations, customers.

Pipe Wrap

Using Low-E® Pipe Wrap can be used insulate water pipe and reduce energy consumption or to stop pipes from freezing and bursting.

Radiator Shields

Did you ever think about all the heat that comes out of your radiator and goes straight into the wall, rather than heating your room? Well, we have the solution!

Water Tanks

Low-E® Insulation will increase the efficiency of your water tank, reduces energy consumption and lowers bills. Save as much as 20% with our quick and easy to install Tank Wrap.

Pet Pad Insulation

Insulate your best friend from cold and damp. Pet Pad™ is mould and fungi resistant, it won’t absorb moisture or spills and can be wiped clean if required.