Warehouse Refurbishment Insulation

“Ideal to use in many specialist applications”

It’s unique composition and Class 1 Fire Rating make Low-E Insulation the perfect solution for commercial buildings. It reduces heat loss in winter and more importantly heat gain in summer, while also providing moisture control, air infiltration, and due to its highly reflective surface, even lowering lighting requirements up to 20% saving you money on your lighting and energy bills. So no matter what your building is being used for, make it the greenest, most energy efficient it can be with Low-E® Insulation.

Warehouse Refurbishment Insulation

Low-E Insulation is used to increase the thermal performance of old warehouse buildings large and small. Low-E reduces heating and cooling costs but more importantly, it will make your building a lot more comfortable for its occupants. Cooler in summer and warmer in winter, Low-E has even been shown to reduce lighting costs by up to 20% due to its highly reflective surface.

  • Reduces Heating and Cooling Costs
  • Stops Draughts
  • Reduces Condensation Risk
  • Mould, Fungi Resistant
  • Quick and Easy to Install

"Insulating our warehouse has made such a difference, from walking into the building we can now have it up to working temperature in approximately 20 minutes. It has been much better for the gymnasts during the winter months this year, no need to wear their bobble hats and gloves."

– K Ward – Boston Gym

Increasing Performance and Comfort

If your warehouse roof has no insulation you could reduce the energy consumption by a whopping 81% by simply adding Low-E Insulation. Even if your warehouse roof is already insulated you could reduce the energy consumption by a further 33%.

This doesn’t take into account the increase in comfort, the reduced draughts through the building, or the reduction in solar gain (summer heat).

How Does Low-E Work?

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