Suspended Ceilings Insulation

“Ideal to use in many specialist applications”

Low-E’s unique composition and Class 1 Fire Rating make Low-E Insulation the perfect solution for commercial buildings. It reduces heat loss in winter and more importantly heat gain in summer, while also providing moisture control, air infiltration, and due to its highly reflective surface, even lowering lighting requirements up to 20% saving you money on your lighting and energy bills. So no matter what your building is being used for, make it the greenest, most energy efficient it can be with Low-E® Insulation.

Suspended Ceilings Insulation

Use Low-E® Insulation to insulate prior to installing a suspended ceiling or use Low-E® TAB, which is cut to width to fit between ceiling tiles, to upgrade an existing ceiling. Low-E® is lightweight and quick to install reducing un-controlled air movement, energy costs and making your room warmer and as energy efficient as possible.


With no fibres and no itching, Low-E is ideal for use in health sensitive applications like offices, schools, and hospitals. Low-E® can be cut into squares and fixed to the back of ceiling tiles. Alternatively, our Low-E® TAB can be unrolled and pulled along a full length of ceiling. Installing Low-E® above suspended ceilings has shown energy savings of between 10-25%.

  • Reduces Heating and Cooling Costs
  • Reduces Condensation Risk
  • Mould and Fungi Resistant
  • Comes in 600mm Roll
  • Quick and Easy to Install   

“Installing the Low-E has made the office so much more comfortable. It gets warmer quicker and I'm fairly sure the heating bills are much lower too”

–  Michelle F, C One Supplies

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