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Steel Frames

No matter what your building is used for Low-E Insulation will reduce heating and cooling costs more effectively than traditional insulation materials. It has even been shown to reduce lighting costs by up to 20% due to its reflective surface. 

Reduces Heating and Cooling Costs

Stops Draughts

Reduces Condensation Risk

Mould and Fungi Resistant

Quick and Easy to Install

Lightweight and easy to install, without the need for longer fixings, Low-E Insulation is ideal for construction or refurbishment of any Steel Frame Building. Low-E Insulation will reduce life cycle running costs, provide moisture control and an air infiltration barrier all in one product. Installing Low-E Insulation on its own will make un-conditioned spaces more comfortable for occupants too.

“It made a huge difference to the distribution centre. It’s so much easier to keep temperature controlled now and the lighting consumption has been reduced by about 20%.”

– Dave W, Walmart Distribution Centre