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“Ideal to use in many specialist applications”

Low-E’s unique composition and Class 1 Fire Rating make Low-E Insulation the perfect solution for commercial buildings. It reduces heat loss in winter and more importantly heat gain in summer, while also providing moisture control, air infiltration, and due to its highly reflective surface, even lowering lighting requirements up to 20% saving you money on your lighting and energy bills. So no matter what your building is being used for, make it the greenest, most energy efficient it can be with Low-E® Insulation.

Hot Yoga

With its highly reflective surface Low-E® Insulation is ideal when a fast response to temperature change is required.  Our recycled closed cell foam core won’t absorb moisture, corrode or degrade. Low-E® Insulation is environmentally friendly and with no fibres or itching and it has been indoor air quality tested and approved.

Unlike traditional Insulation, Low-E reflects heat and won’t absorb moisture.  Used extensively throughout the UK and USA, Low-E® Insulation comes recommended by the consultants at www.hotyogasupply.com. As the first and one of the most important elements in the design and construction of any Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga Studios is the insulation.

  • Quicker Heating Time
  • Reduces Energy Bills
  • Won’t Absorb Moisture
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made from recycled material

“Designing a hot yoga studio is a lot more complex than a normal building. Studios need to come up to temperature very quickly and deal with high levels of moisture. Insulation is the most important part of the design and we always recommend using Low-E."

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