Go Green with Low-E Eco Friendly Insulation

Low-E UK LTD worked with C-Tech Innovation to track the Carbon Footprint of Low-E insulation from raw materials through production and distribution.

The unique design of Low-E eco friendly insulation and the fact that no glues, adhesives, or solvents are used during production gives Low-E Insulation one of the lowest Carbon Footprints of any insulation product on the market today. Our Large compact rolls add little in the way of carbon ‘miles’ and Low-E’s Carbon Footprint at distribution is approx 35g of Co2 per m2.

Current studies suggest that after installation, Low-E insulation actually has a Carbon Negative footprint.

Low-E insulation will reduce Life Cycle running costs, by placing less load upon heating and cooling systems. Less energy consumption means less CO2 output. With older buildings in the UK accounting for 95% of Carbon emissions it is important for us that Low-E is just as easy to retrofit as it is it to install in a new build.

Air infiltration barrier

This reduces gaps and leaks. According to new UK and European research, air leakage can account for up to 50% of energy consumed in a building. Low-E does not promote mould or fungus growth.

Innovative design

An air-infiltration and vapour barrier with sound deadening qualities and thermal control all-in-one.

Eco Friendly Insulation

Low-E’s eco friendly insulation does not give off gas which can have a negative affect on indoor air quality. This non-itchy, fibre free insulation medium is completely safe to handle and install.

While there are many types of eco friendly insulation, Low-E is manufactured using a patented process, there are no glues or adhesives used which could break down over time resulting in short life expectancy of the product or which might fuel a fire.

Recycled Material

Low-E’s Closed Cell Polyethylene, Non-Toxic, Core is manufactured from recycled pre and post-consumer goods. This has three advantages for the environment:

  1. It uses less natural resources
  2. It diverts materials from the solid waste stream
  3. It uses less energy during manufacturing.

Reduce Waste Management

With this easy to use material there is no need to throw any away. Large compact rolls mean that there is less packaging in Low-E, thereby further reducing waste.

Space Saving

Low-E will add higher thermal efficiency without occupying increased space. Low-E can be transported with up to 8 times more M² per load. Saving fuel and reducing the number of carbon miles on the product. It also means less material to store on site.

Reducing Cost and Time

Low-E eco friendly insulation is strong and durable but is also light and easy to use and install, which will significantly reduce labour time, lowering costs.

Eco Friendly insulation
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Low-E can be installed in walls, lofts and many more DIY applicaions.

Low-E Green Insulation can assist you and your build in increasing efficiency while lowering CO2 output.

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