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Refrigerated Vehicle Insulation

Low-E can hold negative temperatures for longer than traditional insulation materials because it reflects radiant heat and solar gain. This reduces the running time of chillers, saving power, fuel and reducing CO2  emissions.

Food Safe

Mould and Fungi Resistant

Saves Fuel

Reduces Chiller Running Times

Reduces Emissions

Benefits of Low-e Refrigerated Vehicle Insulation

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Installing Refrigerated Vehicle Insulation

Low -E is used by some of the biggest names in refrigeration and temperature-controlled vehicles. It’s easy to work with, moulds into awkward spaces and occupies very little space. Most importantly it doesn’t ‘off’ gas, absorb moisture and is mould and fungi resistant.


Refrigerated Vehicle Insulation Stockists

Refrigerated Vehicle Insulation for Professionals

Helping refrigerated vehicle owners fully insulate their vehicles with the highest quality insulation materials. Our refrigerated vehicle insulation can be found at the following stockists:

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Bill S, Porto Turistico, Italy

“The first time I used Low-E Insulation was on a project in Italy. We used it to simply line a closet on a yacht where there were issues with damp. I was amazed at how simple it was to install. I wish I found this material years ago. We’ve use it on a few projects […]

M Joyce, Dublin, Ireland

“It was so quick and easy to install and I can’t believe the difference it has made. I wish we’d done it years ago. Thanks again.”

Stephen C, Cornwall, UK

“I bought a kit online to make window mats from Low-E Insulation. The insulation was very easy to cut to the exact size I needed. The kit came with suckers and everything else I needed. The mats are great. They are completely blackout and keep my van nice and warm even on very cold nights.”

Dave C, Dublin, Ireland

“The car was built in 1958 and I wanted to make sure it survived another 50 years once we had finished refurbishing it. The Low-E was easy to install and more importantly, it was very thin. You’d never know it was there and it seems to have made a big difference. We’re very happy with […]

J Cochran, Genesis, UK

“I’ve used low e for the past 15 months. I’ve found it to work fantastic is all conditions. I’ve probably got 20 vans with it fitted and I’ve had no complaints from any of my customers about being cold. Some of the vans are used for skiing holidays in places that are -20C and more.”


“We used Low-E to line the interior and the engine bay of our NASCAR, its working really well”

Cameron J, UK

“We were unsure if Low-E Insulation would work for us so we ran a test. We insulated one van with Low-E and one with the traditional insulation we had been using. Then we brought both vans down to -4*C. The van insulated with Low-E held temperature 4 hours longer than the van without. The results […]