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Refrigerated Vehicle Insulation

Low-E can hold negative temperatures for longer than traditional insulation materials because it reflects radiant heat and solar gain. This reduces the running time of chillers, saving power, fuel and reducing CO2  emissions.

Food Safe

Mould and Fungi Resistant

Saves Fuel

Reduces Chiller Running Times

Reduces Emissions

Low -E is used by some of the biggest names in refrigeration and temperature-controlled vehicles. It’s easy to work with, moulds into awkward spaces and occupies very little space. Most importantly it doesn’t ‘off’ gas, absorb moisture and is mould and fungi resistant.

“We were unsure if Low-E Insulation would work for us so we ran a test. We insulated one van with Low-E and one with the traditional insulation we had been using. Then we brought both vans down to -4*C. The van insulated with Low-E held temperature 4 hours longer than the van without. The results speak for themselves.”

– Cameron J, UK