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Pet Pad Insulation

Insulate your best friend from cold and damp. Pet Pad is mould and fungi resistant; it won’t absorb moisture or spills and can be wiped clean if required. It is easy to cut to size for any pet bed, house, crate, or carrier. Pet Pad insulation will keep your best friend warm and happy even when the temperature drops outside.

Protects From Cold Floors

Protects From Damp

Mould and Fungi Resistant

Barrier for Accidents and Spills

Cut to Fit any Bed, House, Crate or Carrier

If your pet is older or suffers from arthritis, those aches and pains in their joints can be very painful and distressing. Pet Pad Insulates and provides a great thermal and moisture barrier against the cold. Making your best friend more comfortable and giving you peace of mind. Pet Pad’s moisture barrier also makes cleaning up easy and keeps liquid (and smells) from those little accidents from soaking into carpets and flooring. Simply remove Pet Pad from the bed, house, crate or carrier wipe it clean and its ready to go.

“I found Pet Pad online and thought it was a fantastic idea. I’ve put them in all the kennels and pens my doggie hotel. A few of my customers saw them and asked about them so now I’ve started selling them too. Everyone loves them, especially the pooches!”

– Kate E, London, UK