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Modular Building Insulation

Modular buildings suffer greatly from air draughts and the air movement. So why install a vapour control layer or air infiltration barrier that has no thermal properties? Low-E Insulation works as a complete air infiltration and vapour barrier while reducing thermal bridging and boosting overall thermal performance. 

Made from Recycled Materials

Increases Efficiency

Occupies Less Space

Class 1 Fire Rating

Indoor Air Quality Approved

One of the biggest problems faced in Modular Buildings is condensation risk and un-controlled air movement. Low-E Insulation reduces the risk of interstitial condensation and stop draughts while also increasing thermal performance. Low-E Insulation will ensure your building will remain protected and warm for years to come.

“Some of our buildings are small. Using Low-E Insulation allows us to keep the wall profiles very narrow and maximise the internal floor space. We’re delighted with it.”


– P Halton, Kildare, Ireland