In-Door Air Quality

Airborne fibres from some insulation are considered carcinogenic and can seriously damage health.

Low-E® Insulation has no fibres and is In-Door Air Quality Approved.

Does your insulation absorb heat and moisture?

Low-E® Insulation works differently to traditional insulation.

Local Authority Building Control Accepted

EN 16012 Tested and Compliant. 25 years of experience, testing and approvals have kept Low-E® Insulation at the forefront of the industry.

Fire Lab Tested

Low-E® Insulation is Class A/Class 1 Fire Rated and is suitable where other reflective insulation is not.

This is Low-E® Reflective Foil Insulation.

It’s reflective because it’s aluminium. Only aluminium has an emissivity value of 0.03 and reflects 97% radiant heat


Low-E Reflective Insulation is a well-established, driven and innovative company. Established in Pennsylvania USA in 1989 producing a line of environmentally safe products, we have produced and installed well over 700 million sq ft of material. Our patented Low-E Insulation is now sold in over 30 countries around the world and is fast becoming the world’s favourite brand reflective insulation.

Low-E Insulation can be used in any application where environmental control is required. It is used in all aspects of new-build construction and refurbishment, from solid walls, timber and steel frame buildings, to roofing and floors. Low-E is also used in the design and manufacture of products for a wide range of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) producing doors, freezers, tents, camper vans, car, boats, planes air-conditioners and hot tubs to name just a few. Our advanced research and development department are continually striving to produce new and innovative variations of our products for an ever expanding number of market specific applications.

Our line of Low-E Insulation products are served in Europe by Low-E Reflective Insulation EMEA and distributed in the UK by Low-E UK Ltd. Based out of Liverpool, Low-E UK Ltd celebrated its 10th year in business in 2015 where the company has continued to grow year on year. We pride ourselves on customer service. We aim to deliver products direct to site through our network of merchants and distributors in under 48 hours. Our team have a wealth of experience in all aspects of construction and manufacturing and we offer our customers a full in-house technical support service

  • Most established Reflective Insulation on sale in Europe
  • Advanced Research and Development Department
  • Patented Product
  • Environmentally Friendly and Safe
  • Manufactured from recycled milk cartons
  • Lowest (Production) Carbon Footprint
  • Fire Rated
  • Rot Proof
  • Only manufactured in US and UK


  • Low-E® Insulation (5.5mm thick)
  • Low-E® Micro-E™ Insulation (3mm thick)
  • Low-E® Ultra-E™ Insulation (12mm thick)
  • Low-E® Radiant Barrier (Foil only)
  • Low-E® Slab Shield™ Insulation (12mm thick)



Our products are available in a number of format variation. From foil on one side or two sides, foam only or foil only and even breathable or self-adhesive versions.

EZ Seal™ – Has foil on two sides, is classified as a Vapour Control Layer and has a Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR) of over 2000 MNs/g. It comes with a self-adhesive EZ Seal edge [pronounced “EASY Seal”] along one side. It can be used to join adjacent rolls together.

VCLs – Classified as a Vapour Control Layer (VCL) and has a Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR) of over 2000 MNs/g.

TAB™ – Has foil on two sides, is classified as a VCL but the material is pre-cut to specific widths (e.g. 400mm and 600mm – for fitting between rafters, joists or studs). *Seams and edges must be taped and sealed together in order to maintain the VCL.

PERF™ – Perforated using our patented process and with an MVTR under 0.25 MNs/g PERF™ products classified as “Breathable” for building control guidelines. They can be used in wall, floor and roofing applications.

Wrap™ – Foil one side, Wrap™ products are designed for the non-foil surface to be placed directly against another surface.

ThermaSheet™ – With a reinforced scrim, these products have increased tensile strength and can be used as underlayments in roofing applications.

Coming soon – Bonded™ – Produced exclusively in the UK. With a self-adhesive backing, this allows Low-E to be bonded to other material without the need for spray adhesives or tapes.

We are constantly looking for new market opportunities and distributors to help new customers utilise the advantageous properties of Low-E Insulation.

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