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18 Years History

Low-E Insulation has been manufactured, tried and tested for over 18 years where it has proved itself again and again. Now Low-E has started to expand into Europe where it has continued to grow. Low-E works by reflecting rather than absorbing heat and will work anywhere no matter what climate because the problem is always the same- Whether the heat is outside trying to get in, or the heat is inside trying to get out, you want to stop the heat from getting to the cold.

Patented Technology

Low-E is manufactured using a patented heat lamination process, there are no glues or adhesives used which can fuel fires or break down over time especially when exposed to hot and cold as often as insulation is. Low-E has a CLASS A/ CLASS 1 Fire Rating.

Unique Design

Low-E’s unique design means it can resist all three forms of heat transfer very successfully. Low-E is the only foil insultion which is manufactured using up to 40% recycled material for it closed cell polyethylene core.

Complete Vapour Barrier

A complete vapour barrier, Low-E won’t allow moisture to pass down through itself, unlike other reflectives and even if does get wet, it won’t affect the product or performance. The closed cell foam core provides a thermal break which means condensation will not form in the core of Low-E Insulation. Any moisture problems are virtually eliminated.

Self Sealing Design

The Low-E design allows it to self seal around any nails or screws that puncture it during installation.

Non-Toxic, Fibreless Insulation

Low-E is non toxic, there are no fibres to stick in your skin or get in your eyes and there are no carcinogens to inhale. Unlike some insulations on the market Low-E doesn’t off gas over time and negatively effect indoor air quality.

Easy Installation

There is absolutely no safety equipment required to handle or install Low-E. It is very light and with over 45m2 in a roll it Low-E will save time, space and money. Its unique core design means that Low-E will not sag after installation, will not drag on screws and will not produce frayed egdes after cutting.

Sound Deadening

Low-E has sound deadening qualities similar to mass insulation.

Resists Mould and Fungi

Low-E resists the growth of mould and fungi. It won’t attract birds or mice to nest.

Core Not Affected By Moisture

Warm air carries more moisture than cold air. When the warm air that is in a mass insulation cools down the moisture from the air is left behind, it is then absorbed by the insulation causing the insulation to become compressed. Once this happens, the insulation’s ability to perform to standard drops tremendously. This happens more so in winter, when there is a greater difference between inside and outside temperature. In extreme cases the insulation must be removed. Low-E will protect a mass insulation from moisture absorption extending the life of your insulation system. Low-E helps meet lower U-value requirements in smaller cavities and unlike other reflectives, it self seals around fixing and it’s core won’t be affected by moisture. After over ten years in production that’s a guarantee.

In-Door Air Quality

Airborne fibres from some insulation are considered carcinogenic and can seriously damage health.

Low-E® Insulation has no fibres and is In-Door Air Quality Approved.

Does your insulation absorb heat and moisture?

Low-E® Insulation works differently to traditional insulation.

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Local Authority Building Control Accepted

EN 16012 Tested and Compliant. 25 years of experience, testing and approvals have kept Low-E® Insulation at the forefront of the industry.

Fire Lab Tested

Low-E® Insulation is Class A/Class 1 Fire Rated and is suitable where other reflective insulation is not.

This is Low-E® Reflective Foil Insulation.

It’s reflective because it’s aluminium. Only aluminium has an emissivity value of 0.03 and reflects 97% radiant heat

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